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The Warrior of Light Saga

A novel in six parts

A new project, a new saga, a mind-blowing story that begins with the drilling of an exploration well in the remote jungle of Colombia. A reluctant hero who develops magical powers in order to defeat his enemies, and becomes The Warrior of Light.

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Warrior of Light: Welcome


And so the saga begins...

The first part of the story introduces the lead character, and sets the stage for the operation. His confidence in his employer slips away quickly, leaving some doubt as to whether any drilling would actually take place. His social life is pre-determined, having made friends the last time he worked there, and his love life takes a leap in a new direction, as he encounters the local ladies and decides to follow his heart, rather than his better judgement.

Warrior of Light: About


As the operational plans escalate and the preparations are made for the drilling of the first well, Charlie manages to foil the attempts that are made on his life.
Deceived, betrayed and led astray, only his intuition and sharpened perceptions manage to keep him alive, while he turns towards his darker feelings, leading him further into danger. Although his confidence seems to grow, his misgivings and doubts increase accordingly, setting him on a new path with new encounters and mysterious events that challenge his beliefs.

Warrior of Light: Latest Work
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The Long-Suffering Angel and the Lost Soul

His escape from the city hits him hard as he is forced to abandon her, but his plans are made with the intention of never being found by the Lopez family and their sicarios. A chance encounter means that he slowly discovers the extent of his gift, which is proven by the tests that are laid before him. His insight and perceptions increase, along with strange visions that haunt him, and his battles with the forces of the Dark begin, as powerful demons are sent to despatch him.

Warrior of Light: Quote

Magic and Mayhem

After Charlie is faced with a great sadness that drives him to take revenge, his thoughts turn back to work as he considers the operation once again. The honeymoon is over and after a few setbacks, he returns to Colombia and begins planning the second well. He becomes aware of the next bout of threats that are levelled against him, and decides to take preventative measures. His encounters in the Realms broaden, opening up new channels to him, and a new love is given to him as part of an incentive to help bind him to his oath, as the Purple Lady pushes him to help enrol more disciples to her cause. Again, he is forced to walk into danger, as he disregards all the warnings.

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The Third Realm

Charlie’s strange disappearance from the rig site attracts unwanted attention and brings about a number of events that he had hoped to avoid. His remedial action drags him into more danger as he fights for his life and endeavours to protect his friends and loved ones. Once again, his anger leads him into regret and despair, as he battles with his enemies and himself. Breaking the rules again, and betraying a sworn oath gives him even more cause for concern, as his perception explains his part in what is yet to transpire, and how he is being manipulated to achieve what nobody else possibly could. They had prepared him, coached him and led him to believe what they wanted him to, but his gifts betray their intentions and give him the edge, as he passes beyond the Third Realm once more.

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The Great Sword and the Blue Fire

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The finale of the saga leads Charlie to a new discovery, a new friend and a new lover, as the time of the purple moon approaches. The outcome is yet to be decided and the path is not determined, although all the indications seem to point to his demise, as had been foretold. His apprehension increases as he resigns himself to the will of the Gods and he waits, as he completes his given mission in his own inimitable style, and is led to provide yet more disciples for the Purple Lady. A strange lady emerges, who seems to be a lot more than she appears, and as her truth is uncovered, she bestows the ultimate gift upon him, preparing him for the final battle.

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