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Release date: 30th November 2021

A novel based on actual events that takes the lead character, Matt Duncan, into a new world where lawlessness governs the country and the lives of the people.

Having been dropped unwittingly into his new role in a strange and hostile environment, he has to adapt to both his surroundings, and a new culture.

He was totally unaware of what was about to befall, as he had never been informed about any of the background, just sent there to do a job.

As events unfold, he discovers that completing the work required is the least of his problems.



Zhetybay by Robert Collinson

Released on 30th November 2021, "Zhetybay" is an oilfield adventure based on true events

and is available from Waterstones, WH Smith, and all good bookstores.

Alternatively, the paperback or E-book version can be ordered direct from the publisher,

or from Amazon by using the links below.

ISNB 9781398440760