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This is where you can see the reviews that have been generated by my readers. Prior to the release date of "Zhetybay", a selection of various people were contacted and asked to write impartial reviews of the novel for posting to this and other sites.


 The first to reply was Stephanie Thornton, international award winning author of ‘The turn of the new’, ‘Rampant follies’ and other books.

She wrote: 

"A masterpiece of skulduggery set within the lonely world of alpha males behind the oil industry. Expect to be surprised and entertained, so curl up on the sofa and immerse yourself. There’s a rugged hero,  a foreign land, a twisty plot and romance along the way - what more do you need?" 

"Great romp of a read, couldn't stop, kept me up late at night, when finished I wanted more. Can hardly wait for the next one!!"

Liana Doyle, Phuket, Thailand.