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The adventure continues as the bold heroine of Zhetybay emerges to reveal her true character.
Forceful but gentle, determined yet compassionate,
is she really as he perceived? 
Their latest adventure takes them into a new arena where boardroom politics and hidden agendas replace “hands-on” operations, but the underlying threats remain as serious as ever.
They thought the worst was over and the fear and horror was all behind them, believing that they were about to embark on a happy and peaceful life together.   
Some people most certainly had other ideas about what their future would entail, and as dangers from the past resurface to confront them, the obstacles increase accordingly.


On the horizon...

The final chapter

With Zhanna underway and due for publication later this year, the third novel in the trilogy is a step backwards in time, to before the adventure in Kazakstan began, giving details of time spent in Russia, another project, another set of rules and a new adventure in its' own right.

As with Zhetybay, the artwork for the novel has once again been provided by Ken Stewart and although the book cover design has not yet been completed, I wanted to display a snippet just to show the amazing ability that Kenny has to produce a wonderful image for a theme, with only a few lines of text as guidance.

More of Kenny's amazing artwork can be seen on Instagram at


and is well worth a look.

The working title of the novel is "Before Zhetybay" and as of the glorious 12th August, is now complete. 

It should prove to be a fitting end to the trilogy, or to be more accurate, a beginning.

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